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Air Conditioning & Heating Systems

Lone Star Air Systems specializes in the service and installation of AC and heating systems for new and existing homes and other buildings, including:

  • Residential homes
  • Retail centers
  • Religious facilities
  • Apartment buildings

Our team of project managers, superintendents, construction crews, service technicians and qualified subcontractors will design, implement and maintain custom AC and heating systems that meet your unique demands.

We begin by performing a detailed analysis of your needs and the size, design and layout of your building. We’ll calculate the proper tonnage equipment for your AC and heating needs and design high-quality, functional and cost-effective environmental system. We’ll install appropriate ductwork and ventilation and exhaust systems, and we can even create multiple-thermostat functionality that ensures comfort throughout.

A dedicated project manager and superintendent will oversee the project, manage on-site crews, and schedule all major equipment, ensuring the timely and accurate completion of your AC and heating project.

With experienced technicians operating today’s best equipment, an independent testing and balancing agency will verify the performance of your system. And after your AC or heating project is completed, we’ll develop and administer a custom preventive maintenance plan that can help keep your HVAC system operating at peak efficiency for years.

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