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Thermostats in Houston, TX

Lone Star Air Systems, serving Houston, Cypress, and the surrounding Texas communities since 2000, provides personalized, high-quality thermostat installation services.

For thermostat installation and service, Lone Star Air Systems is available to handle all your needs and ensure your thermostat is communicating properly with your heating and cooling systems.

Thermostats: How they work

Your thermostat is a control which allows you to communicate with your home or business’s heating and cooling equipment. Without a properly working thermostat, you’ll suffer from discomfort and inefficient operation of your furnace or air conditioning systems. Utilize a good thermostat to control your comfort and your energy use at the touch of a button.

Thermostats: Which type is right for you?

There are many different thermostat models available on the market, so how do you know which is right for your situation? Programmable thermostats are a smart choice for homes and businesses, allowing occupants to preprogram temperature settings around the scheduling needs of the household or business, which will turn systems on when needed and shut them down when the home is unoccupied. Smart thermostats go above and beyond the capabilities of a programmable thermostat, offering options such as wireless connectivity and online energy monitoring which records data about your energy use and even includes suggestions for savings.

How much do thermostats cost in Houston, TX?

Lone Star Air Systems offers a wide selection of thermostat models to choose from. The cost of a new thermostat will vary based on the unit you select and the features it offers. To find out the cost, contact us at 281-355-8485 to schedule a free estimate. We also offer Wells Fargo financing as well as equipment and service specials to help you save.



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