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Ductless Systems in Houston, TX

Lone Star Air Systems, serving Houston, Cypress, and the surrounding Texas communities since 2000, provides personalized, high-quality ductless system installation and service.

For quality installation and service for ductless systems in Houston, Texas, contact Lone Star Air Systems today.

Ductless Systems: Cooling without ductwork

Ductless systems, also known as mini-split systems, are ideal for use in homes and businesses without ductwork. They can also be used to extend cooling into areas where a duct system does not currently run, such as a new addition. If your home or business uses a non-ducted heating system, such as radiant heat, ductless air conditioning systems can be installed to add cooling to the space without running ductwork.

Ductless Systems: The benefits

Ductless cooling systems offer many benefits. Ductless systems can be used to create zoned cooling systems to offer individual cooling for various areas of a home or business. Without air flowing through a duct system, ductless systems eliminate energy loss, which can stem from duct leaks and other duct issues. They offer flexible installation options and can be discreetly mounted flush in a drop ceiling or hung from a wall or ceiling.

How much do ductless systems cost in Houston, TX?

Lone Star Air Systems offers a number of options for residential ductless systems. The cost of ductless systems varies based on the unit you select. To find out the cost, contact us at 281-355-8485 to schedule a free estimate. We also offer Wells Fargo financing as well as equipment and service specials to help you save.


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