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Air Cleaners and Filtration in Houston, TX

Lone Star Air Systems, serving Houston, Cypress, and the surrounding Texas communities since 2000, provides personalized, high-quality air cleaners and filtration services.

Treat indoor air quality issues by removing the contaminants from your indoor spaces with air cleaners and filtration products from Lone Star Air Systems.

Air Cleaners and Filtration: Remove more contaminants indoors

The basic filter in your furnace only does so much to remove contaminants from the air indoors. Basic filters aren’t rated to remove the smaller contaminants and can only capture larger particles, leaving you exposed when you think you’re protected. Air cleaners and filtration products work independently and with your home or business’s heating and cooling systems to remove the microscopic particles that are negatively affecting your indoor air quality.

Air Cleaners and Filtration: What’s right for your home or business?

There are a variety of air cleaners and filtration solutions available to treat your air quality issues. Our knowledgeable technicians will evaluate your air quality and inform you of the solutions that will best help remove contaminants and enhance air quality. We offer air cleaners that can be installed to work with your heating and cooling systems for treating your entire home or business, as well as room air cleaners that can be used for targeted treatments. We also offer high-efficiency filters that remove more contaminants before they reach your indoor spaces.

How much do air cleaners and filtration cost in Houston, TX?

Lone Star Air Systems offers installation of air cleaners and filtration for homes and businesses. The cost of these services will depend on the products needed to improve the indoor air quality of your space. To find out the cost, contact us at 281-306-0307 to schedule a free estimate. We also offer Wells Fargo financing as well as equipment and service specials to help you save.

Additional Air Quality Services

Lone Star Air Systems is a family-owned and operated local business serving Houston, Cypress, and the surrounding Texas communities. We are YOUR full-service heating and cooling company. We’re focused on giving our residential customers industry-best prompt, effective, and courteous service for new and existing heating and air conditioning systems. Call Lone Star Air Systems at 281-306-0307.

Written by Lone Star Air Systems April 22, 2014