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Air Conditioning Installation in Houston, TX

Lone Star Air Systems, serving Houston, Cypress, and the surrounding Texas communities since 2000, provides personalized, high-quality air conditioning installation services.

When you need an air conditioning upgrade, turn to Lone Star Air Systems for superior installation services that ensure your new unit will operate at peak performance and efficiency levels.

Air Conditioning Installation: Choosing a new model

When it’s time to choose a new air conditioner, you should consider many criteria in order to make the right choice for your home or business. The factors that will have the biggest impact on the cost of your unit and operation in the long run include the following:

  • Size: Your new air conditioner needs to be appropriately sized for your home or business in order to adequately cool your spaces. Air conditioners that are too big or too small cannot cool indoor areas effectively.
  • Efficiency: The efficiency rating of your new air conditioner will determine the amount of energy used to cool your areas, as well as the overall cost of providing that cooling. Choosing higher efficiency models may cost more initially but will save you more in the long run.

Air Conditioning Installation: Expert service

Having your new air conditioning installation performed by an expert service technician is your best bet for getting the best performance and efficiency out of your unit. Our technicians are trained to install air conditioners per the manufacturer’s guidelines, ensuring the equipment functions as expected. When faulty work is completed, the performance of your new air conditioning unit is compromised, leaving you less comfortable and more vulnerable to expensive issues, including reduced efficiency and increased stress placed on the equipment, which can lead to repair needs.

How much does air conditioning installation cost in Houston, TX?

Lone Star Air Systems offers a number of models for air conditioning installation for residential units. The cost of air conditioning installation will vary based on the unit you select. To find out the cost, contact us at 281-306-0307 to schedule a free estimate. We also offer Wells Fargo financing as well as equipment and service specials to help you save.

Additional Air Conditioning Services

Lone Star Air Systems is a family-owned and operated local business serving Houston, Cypress, and the surrounding Texas communities. We are YOUR full-service heating and cooling company. We’re focused on giving our residential customers industry-best prompt, effective, and courteous service for new and existing heating and air conditioning systems. Call Lone Star Air Systems at 281-306-0307.

Written by Lone Star Air Systems April 22, 2014